On the launch of the Web Stalker Club

Lookup Ninja is the new name of the Web Stalker Club. 16/05/2021. Our new domain is lookup.ninja.

Now, I know this is a bit odd, but I really like looking up DNS and WHOIS information of domains.

I find it interesting to see which DNS providers, email hosts, domain registrars people use, and what year a domain was registered in.

Now, for a long time I’ve used two tools to find this information: who.is and dns-lookup.com.

who.is is actually a really nice tool. But it is slow. Super slow. And some of the website’s design just isn’t cracking, not to mention it’s filled with name.com ads.

dns-lookup.com is again nice, but lacks WHOIS tools.

Often, I’d lookup a domain’s WHOIS with my terminal, just hitting SUPER + T, then typing whois example.com – easy. Then either use the dig command or dns-lookup.com for DNS. Much faster than who.is.

But I’m not always on one of my Pop!_OS machines, often I find myself stuck on Windows, and I can’t just run a WHOIS or dig command from there.

Thus, I developed the Web Stalker Club. The Web Stalker Club allows you to speedily lookup WHOIS and DNS information.

It’s designed to be lightweight and optimised for my use – making it public wasn’t my first priority.

Anyway, take a look if you’d like, the site is at webstalker.club!

PS: I’m considering changing the name to something that sounds a little less creepy and illegal. If you have a recommendation, do email me or comment!

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